AirVolt Wireless Phone Charger – Now You Can Charge Your iPhone Wirelessly

Wireless iPhone Charger

You want to charge your iPhone 3G and 3GS wirelessly? Check the AirVolt Wireless Phone Charger capable of providing your iPhone enough power with a blazing speed unlike ordinary chargers of course without those annoying cables and wires. How? Well, just slide your iPhone into the charging tray and witness its magic as it juices your phone using its ingenious induction technology power.

AirVolt Wireless Phone Charger

AirVolt Wireless Phone Charger also features an auto-shutoff function with integrated USB port for your extra phone. The AirVolt Charger also comes with a smooth charging tray, a receiver and an instruction manual. Go ahead, try it. No more wires, just slide it into the tray and forget. Easy huh!

– $49.99 at thinkgeek