Acer C20 Pico DLP Portable Projector – Projects Up To 66 Inches On Walls

Can’t clearly see what’s on your screen? Whatever you’re doing, whether you’re viewing your latest captured photos, watching your latest movie and playing your latest game collections, the Acer C20 Pico DLP Portable Projector is just perfect because besides its beautifully designed package and feature rich function, this presentation gadget is capable of displaying objects up to a whooping 66” screen giving you everything you want like sharp and bright pictures, widescreen movie watching, internet browsing and gaming, it’s the best entertainment package for home geeks and travelers alike.

Acer C20 Pico DLP Portable Projector

Acer C20 Pico DLP Portable Projector

Acer C20 Pico DLP Portable Projector is small yet powerful enough because it features a unique HDMI input so you’ll be able to project your much loved photos and videos crisply using the best LED technology to date so wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, whether you’re a businessman that needs to present something or a tech geek who wants to enjoy the most of their entertainment time then this portable Acer C20 Pico Projector is just the best entertainment tool you need every time.

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With Acer C20 Pico DLP Portable Projector, all you really need is a wall, the rest? Well, just leave it to this portable projector. Want to try it?

-£159.00 at advancedmp3players

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