A Complete Guide About Modded Xbox Controllers

This guest article is by Tina Anthony of viking360.

Modded controllers are usually used for Xbox and known by many different names including rapid fire controllers or turbo mods. The basic function of these controllers is to convert a single fire weapon into an automatic weapon in whichever personal shooter game you are playing. Modded controllers help you to experience a new and unique excitement and fun while playing games on your Xbox. Moreover, they are easy to use and understand besides being inexpensive. There are a lot of different types of modded controllers in the market. In this article, we will give you a brief knowledge about these different types of modded controllers and tell you about the types of games with which these modded controllers are useful.

modded xbox 360 controller

Different Types of Modded Controllers

Rapid fire controllers mods – Rapid fire is the most commonly used modded xbox 360 controller. Rapid controllers are of two different types : Button style mods and Trigger or Stealth mods. Both of these controllers are quite popular as they give many different advantages during playing games.

1) Button Style Mods – As the name suggests, button has been referred to the different buttons on the back of modded controller which performs the function of rapid fire. A lot of button mods in the market word differently. Some require you to hold the buttons while you pull the trigger in order to fire the weapon. However, these types of button mods are not very popular. People do not prefer them as every time you want to use the rapid fire weapon, you will have to hold the buttons while pulling the trigger.

Trigger button mods are another type of button mods. They are easy to use and mostly preferred by gamers. You just need to press a simple button rather than holding it to rapid fire the weapon. Most of the games require quick reflexes and change of weapons. Therefore, trigger button mods are quite popular among gamers because of the ability to quickly switch between sniper rifles, grenades etc.

2) Trigger or Stealth Mods – These mods look neat and class as there are external buttons. In fact, even without external buttons, trigger mods perform the same functions as button style mods. You can easily use the sync button on top of your controller to easily use these trigger or stealth mods. In order to perform functions, you do not have to hold the sync button, you just have to tap it once. Trigger or Stealth mods help you to change mods very quickly.

Types of Games for Which You Can Use Modded Xbox Controllers

You can use a modded xbox 360 controller for many different games. Using these controllers gives you a great gaming experience with a lot of fun and excitement. Here is a list of some games with which you can use modded xbox controllers.

? Call of Duty
? World At War
? Modern Warfare 2
? Left 4 Dead 2
? GTA 4
? Gears of War 2

Modded controllers are useful with all these games. Moreover, there are not very expensive and can be easily bought from the market as well as online.