7 Port USB Hub with Power Switches – The Windows and Mac Friendly USB Hub

7 Port USB Hub with Power SwitchesNo more overcharging, now you can control how you’ll charge up your important gadgets with this cool new 7 Ports USB2.0 Hub with Power Switches. Unlike ordinary Hub that needs to be monitored constantly for your gadgets protection, this 7 Port USB2.0 Hub with Power Switches is unique because it already includes an over-current recognition and protection function for that safe and comfortable gadget juicing.

7 Port USB Hub with Power Switches features plug and play function with bus and self power mode, full 12mbps and low 1.5mpbs speed and 7 downstream ports capable of handling speed of up to 480mbps and best of all it’s Windows and Mac friendly device.

– $19.99 at thinkgeek