6V Flyer Quad Bike – Your Kids Battery Controlled Bicycle

The 6V Flyer Quad Bike is a battery controlled bicycle capable of running at the speed of approximately 3km/ph. The 6V Flyer Quad Bike features a foot pedal acceleration, a working gearstick, font lights and 4 different sounds such as horn, engine start-up, indicator and rear storage box perfect for kids who loves to ride on a real bike and wants to have fun right at their own pathways.

-£78.28 at toysrus

-You can also check Power Wheels DC Super Friends Batman Quad Bike at Amazon for $79.99.


  1. Could someone please tell me who the manufacturer is for this 6v Flyer Quad Bike. I bought this bike for my son a couple of years ago and we lost the charger. I’d like to know where i can but another charger for it. The bike is still new sitting in my garage being wasted away.

    Could someone please help me.

    Nishrath Ali

  2. Hello can u help me.
    Im wanting to kno were on the bike you stick the charger x thank you x

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