5 Wild And Wacky Gadgets For Kids – The Best Gift You Can Give This Christmas

Looking for best gifts for your kids to enjoy this Christmas? Here’s 5 Wacky Gadgets for Kids to keep them entertained and happy this holiday season.

Musical Fingers Piano Gloves

You want to teach your kids on how to play the piano? Sure, here’s Musical Fingers Piano Gloves that allows your kids learn at the same time have fun even if they don’t have those expensive and bulky keyboards because the Musical Fingers uses only gloves.

Musical Fingers Piano Gloves features a touch sensitive finger tips that emit a musical note when pressed down. The Musical Fingers Piano Gloves also features 8 musical instruments to choose from, 10 different demo songs, 30 background rhythms, a battery pack with belt clip and an instruction booklet with easy sheet music at the back. So, how does it work? Well, simply slip the gloves on, switch the battery up and watch as their fingers immediately transformed into the keys of a piano.

– $94.77 at findmeagift

Laser Challenge Pro

Laser Challenge Pro allows your kids to challenge a friend into an ultimate laser zapping duel. It features an impressive 75 meter shooting range, a rotating eye scope, a red target dot for pin point accuracy, an LCD screen for keeping score and track of ammo and varying firing modes. The Laser Challenge Pro is the ultimate toy gun for kids who love action-packed laser quest experience.

-£49.95 at gizoo

Nintendo DS Lite Black Console and Brain Training

More thinner than other DS consoles, the Nintendo DS Lite Black Console features a more streamlined flip top design perfect for gamers who is always on the road. The Nintendo DS Lite Black Console even comes with a Nintendo DS Brain Training that allows the gamers to exercise their brain to counteract forgetfulness and improve the minds overall sharpness while having fun.

-£114.98 at toysrus

Khet Laser Game

Khet Laser Game is an Egyptian Themed game with pyramids and lasers that allows the player to maneuver pieces around and fire laser from your side to hit your opponent’s piece.

Khet Laser Game features an Egyptian Theme playing pieces like sacred Pharaoh, Djed column, Pyramid and Obelisk. Khet Laser Game also comes with 2, 1 or no mirrored side pieces that equates to firing in the game and you can use the non mirrored pieces to block your opponents target. Khet Laser Games contains 2 Class I lasers suitable for ages 9 and above and requires 4x AAA batteries.

– $65.01 at iwantoneofthose

Candy Grabber

Here’s a perfect desktop treat that will liven up your kids feelings. The Candy Grabber features a fairground-style desktop candy grabber that allows your kids to maneuver the claw and grab sweets. It also features a fake applause, bag of fake coins, 75 seconds of fairground music. Just let them open the lid, fill it with goodies and insert coins into the money slot until it hovers over the candy and start grabbing. The Candy Grabber will even reward you with a fake applause if you win.

-£14.95 at gizoo