5 Top Toys for Kids – Skateboards, Remote Control Toys and Acrobatic Robots

Skateboards, Remote Control Toys and Acrobatic Robots are just some of the top toys to consider if you are looking for a perfect gift to give for your kids. Here at IT Rush, we gather them for you so you’ll be able to pick only the best new gadgets for your kids as their perfect gift this Holiday Season.

5 top toys for kids

(1)The Illuminated Flexible Skateboard
The Illuminated Flexible Skateboard
The Illuminated Flexible Skateboard is not just one of those ordinary skateboards out there because it is packed with 66 red LEDs that is uniquely built inside its flexible base board to make the whole deck uniquely glow giving your kids some unique ride even at night time.

This Illuminated Skateboard is also equipped with pressure response feature designed especially for skateboard starters and professional skateboarders out there to get rid of those unwanted spring backs so they’ll have smooth and not shaky ride anytime.

-$229.95 at hammacher

(2)The All Terrain Electric Skateboard
The All Terrain Electric Skateboard

Packed with sturdy deck board, unique tires and 800watt motor that is carefully powered by a 36volt battery so you can drive yourself over flat surfaces, gravel paths, forest and beaches without any problem, the All Terrain Electric Skateboard is simply amazing when it comes to carrying riders at speed of up to 19mph anywhere anytime.

The All Terrain electric Skateboard is also exceptional not just with its classy look and powerful features because it also comes with a unique wireless remote control that uses unique technology to allow the user to accelerate simply by pulling the trigger and stops by simply pushing forward the wireless control.

-$749.95 at hammacher

(3)The Water Shooting Remote Controlled Car
The Water Shooting Remote Controlled Car

The Water Shooting Remote Controlled Car is not just one of those ordinary Kids Remote Control Cars out there because it is capable of spitting out waters using its integrated water gun strategically located at the front of the RC car to target opponents during your kid’s fun water gun battle.

This Water Shooting RC Car is not just fast at chasing other RC opponents but at the same time it also comes with a unique knobby tires designed to handle almost any type of playing environments.

-$99.95 at hammacher

(4)The Smartphone Controlled Helicopter
The Smartphone Controlled Helicopter

Got a smart phone? How about this Smartphone Controlled Helicopter? Now you can turn your favorite smart phone’s integrated wireless radio functionality to enjoy flying RC Helicopters of up to 60 feet away for that indoor or outdoor fun and excitement your kids are always looking for.

This Smartphone Controlled Helicopter uses your smartphone’s unique app to precisely accelerate in any direction, just start swiping the controls on your iPad, Droid and iPhone’s touchscreen and you’re on your way to flying helicopters.

-$99.95 at hammacher

(5)The Advanced Acrobatic Robot
The Advanced Acrobatic Robot

You want to see this robot do some unique tricks? How about some air guitar solo or some back flips? No problem because this Advanced Acrobatic Robot is simply designed to entertain everyone with its 75 built-in movements including picking up of objects, some soccer kicks and air punching all done in precise movements. Wow!

The Advanced Acrobatic Robot also comes with some nice sound effects accompanied in every action it makes plus with its 60Mhz microcontroller, 17 unique servos and wireless gamepad control, maintaining its poise and strength during quick movements will not be a problem. Wanna try?

-$2,400 at hammacher