5 Reasons you should go for Razor Scooters

Razor Scooters are the newest trend of today. These scooters are affordable, amazing fun, energy efficient and also best for the youngsters and beginners who are excited about driving a motor vehicle. These scooters are optimally designed for today’s generation which makes wonderful presents for teenage boys and girls. There are number of people that are shopping for razor scooters for various reasons such as:

Great quality equipment
These Razor Scooters are fashioned with good quality that makes it a fun scooter to ride. It is a very quiet chain driven motor with 8″ inflatable front tyre and 125 mm rear wheel. It travels approximately 10 miles per hour. It is hand operated with controlled back brakes which provides user the full control to start and stop. It can be used around park, campgrounds or to ride to school. It is capable of giving kids or adults a comfortable ride because; the frame built is sturdy. Charging the 24V battery is simple with an assembly time of about twenty minutes. The razor scooters are very safe scooters to ride compared to other two wheeler transportation. It travels fast enough for adults and teenagers to have enjoyable ride without hurting themselves.

Reducing the carbon & doing something for environment
Think of the small trips that are done on daily basis, getting into the habit using these scooters for such little trips and keeping the car in the garage are the fruitful efforts for not just saving the environment but, also saving your money on gas. If you are finding a complete carbon free transport solution then why not shift to razor scooters.

An easy equipment to commute
Comparing to huddling with hundreds of people in train or bus or sitting in a traffic jam which is no brainer to commute; the razor scooters are quite helpful in commuting nearby places. The razor scooter may not be quicker than a car in terms of absolute swiftness but, comparing the total time spending in finding a parking place, sitting in a traffic jam, putting money in a meter etc. it all make sense. A Razor Scooter may not solve every individual’s problem but for those who need to commute relatively short distances in peak hours it may be worth considering. One thing is to remember that, any other vehicle still has to wait for the traffic lights whereas for these scooters there are shortcuts or no signals.

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Keeps fit
For those who are a fitness freak, there would be no other greater option for keeping fit then riding a Razor Scooter. For those who think that riding a razor scooter is all about putting the feet up and enjoying the ride than it is quite untrue, the electric or razor scooter assists human efforts. Sure it pushes along the road nicely but it needs a human effort. Think about savings in time and gym membership if majority of the workout is done riding the scooter. Rather than exercising a bike at gym as a workout, it is much healthier gliding through the neighbourhood taking the fresh air and enjoying the scenery.

razor scooters

Saves money
Last but not the least an important reason to go for razor scooters. Assume those people who are commuting in a car for a shorter distance for work are spending how much on their gas, general wear and tear of the car, routine maintenance, toll, insurance and parking costs. The cost factor becomes more compelling and, not to forget those who are commuting via public transportation, the daily/monthly charges. With razor scooter the above costs are minimal or almost zero making razor scooters the cheapest form of transport over conventional vehicles.

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