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5 Cool Looking and Functional Watches ideal for Modern Geeks

It’s not really essential to put on some unique watches just to tell time, but on the other hand, there are also unique reasons why we need to strap one, simply because we believe it adds some funky look and styling to any individual especially if the watch they strap on is something fashionable. So here’s our 5 Cool Looking and Functional Watches ideal for Modern Geeks. Check it out!

(1)Click Dip-Switch Watch

Perfect for computer geeks out there that just can’t stop reviving the wonder days of dip switches, this Click Dip-Switch Watch is not just cool looking when it comes to its design, from its actual board and up to its unique looking strap, this dip switch watch is not just creative but at the same time a perfect way to show modern geeks out there what a dip switch device is in the structure of this digital watch. Go ahead and try activating those switches now and be amazed.

-$149.99 at thinkgeek

(2)The Faceless Watch

The Faceless Watch is not just awesome when it comes to giving accurate time but is also unique in providing futuristic look and function simply because it tells time using its unique LED lights right into its stainless steel band.

This digital Faceless Watch displays numbers at the top row that represents the hours and in the bottom row for minute all presented in a nice red color plus pressing a button at the side of the body changes the display to month and day settings.

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(3)The LED Matrix Watch

Love playing puzzle? How about this puzzle like LED Matrix Watch that displays time using LED lights in grid system format? Sounds interesting right?

This LED Matrix Watch comes with a nice gloss body finish in black so that you can clearly see the time displayed, the left shows hours and at the right column shows the minutes. This LED Matrix Watch is also capable of displaying month and date, just don’t forget to press the button though so the LED starts to illuminate.

-$129.95 at hammacher

(4)E Ink Digital Display Watch

The E Ink Digital Display Watch is your other option when it comes to providing time and if you are not fan of those traditional watches around, then this E Ink Digital Display Watch would be your next best substitute.

Packed with 16 special display choices, the E Ink Digital Display Watch also uses the latest ink display technology in order to provide a super cool display of time, month and date.

This Digital Watch also features a nice polyurethane watch band and uses Swiss parts movements and a nice stainless steel case.

-$129.99 at thinkgeek

(5)Mirror Universe LED Digital Watch

If you’re a stylish person then this shiny, thick and hard fashionable watch is most likely your next best option when it comes to uniquely giving and reading of time because its chrome plated and stainless steel face, band and clasp together with its bright LED lights will simply change the way you wear digital time.

Introducing the Mirror Universe LED Digital Watch, a feature-rich watch that not just display time at a press of a button but also provides short messages to remind you of your important dates. Cool

This Mirror Universe LED Digital Watch is also capable of displaying month and date using its 93 bright blue LED lights plus it automatically switches to shutoff mode to save battery life.

-$34.99 at thinkgeek