5 Best Selling Video Games for Kids ideal for xBox 360, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo 3DS and Windows PC owners

So what’s the best tech toy you received last Christmas? Whether it’s an xBox 360, Wii, 3DS or Windows PC gift, then, these 5 Best Selling Video Games is just the perfect addition if you still haven’t collected it simply because it adds some fun and excitement to you and your entire family every time you work on your favorite console. So check out these 5 Best Selling video games and decide.

5 best selling video games for kids

5 Best Selling Video Games for Kids

(1)Just Dance 3
Just Dance 3

It’s back, and this time it is even more tempting. The Nintendo Wii’s best dance game – Just Dance 3 is packed with today’s latest party hits, new game modes, in-game interaction, downloadable dance tracks and an advanced training exercise to keep you sweat even more during your cardio training. Just Dance 3 is designed to keep the world dancing.

-$10.99 at amazon

(2)Kinect Sports Season Two
Kinect Sports Season Two

Kinect Sports Season Two, the xBox360’s best sports game hits another score as it pulls everyone off the sofa, turning every family member to get up and personal in a sports showdown. With Kinect Sports Season Two, you’ll enjoy individual, team based sports play or compete worldwide in the comfort of your very own living room.

-$19.97 at amazon

(3)Dungeon Defenders [Download]
Dungeon Defenders

If you love playing action games on your Windows PC then try the Dungeon Defenders, a Role Playing Game where you are allowed to make your very own hero and use it to protect and save Etheria from lots of enemies simply by defending through fast-moving combat. With Dungeon Defenders, you’ll enjoy gathering loots, collect pets, make specially designed action characters and assemble them to defend your castle against the attacking enemies.

-$14.99 at amazon

(4)Kinect Disneyland Adventures
Kinect Disneyland Adventures

Experience and share once again the magical moments with your favorite Disney characters, explore the entire Disneyland Park or enjoy on a new adventure with Kinect Disneyland Adventures, your xBox 360’s ticket to a magical world of Disneyland adventure of course enjoying it right in your very own living room. Ideal for Disney fanatics out there who just can’t miss hugging, collecting autographs, giving high-five to their favorite Disney characters and fight Captain Hook, the choice is really yours with this cool Kinect Disneyland Adventures game.

-$16.27 at amazon

(5)Mario Kart 7
Mario Kart 7

Just got your Nintendo 3DS? No problem, If you love playing kart driving then definitely the Mario Kart 7 is a must-have because it allows the players to compete locally with their friends and families or race wirelessly online and enjoy wild racing fun adventure such as jumping and gliding above the air or under water. With Mario Kart 7, you enjoy working on your favorite mushroom or mii characters, customize racing kart and use different vehicle accessories in order to have a huge advantage over your opponents.

-$30.78 at amazon