3D Interactive Smart Globe – Teaches Kids Geographical Lessons Interactively

You want answers to all your geographical queries? Here’s 3D Interactive Smart Globe, an astoundingly insightful and latest educational interactive 3d globe ideal for kids 5 and above who wants to keep themselves updated with what’s around the globe including their favorite leaders, currencies, national songs, cities or anything you want to know. How? Simply point the smart pen into the 3D Interactive Smart Globe and start learning interactively of course in full details.

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3D Interactive Smart Globe features a unique and wireless smart pen that allows you to find out specifics about any countries plus with its smart update function, now you can even hear world news in any language, simply register the smart pen to connect and start getting updates about what’s going on around the globe.

There’s still more, with Smart Globe you can even play with your friends because it also comes with 30 interactive games.. cool!

– £99.99 at iwantoneofthose