3 New Anticipated Games for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC Games for February 2012

If you love action first person shooting and vehicular combat games, then don’t miss these 3 hot new games these February: Darkness II, Twisted Metal and Syndicate created especially for PS3, xBox 360 and PC gaming fanatics.

(1)The Darkness II – $59.99 at amazon

Another follow up to the most decisively applauded sequel The Darkness, now comes another new part where slashing, grabbing, throwing objects and 2 weapons firing will simply add a new elevation to your most anticipated FPS game. The Darkness II features a unique art technique added with some cool weapons, strong abilities and unique characters to make the game even more challenging and entertaining.

The Darkness II

(2)Twisted Metal – $59.99 at amazon

Whether you want to hold your attention on a single player, story or multiplayer, this car action game is just perfect especially if you love those over-the-top car combat where only the last challenger standing gets anything they wish for. Twisted Metal is another PS3 blockbuster game where players can modify weapons, change game settings and even become a warped disciple in order to overwhelm everything.

Twisted Metal

(3)Syndicate – $59.99 at amazon

If you love adventure game then consider playing the Syndicate game where in single player mode, you will go aboard on an exclusive sci-fi shooting adventure of bribery and vengeance. Enjoy seeing through the walls, breach your enemy and slow down the time, make use of upgradable weapons, shield and equip yourself uniquely to wipe out your enemy in order to have power over the wired world.