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2010 New Gadgets – From Coolest To Weirdest

Steal a look at some of our 2010 New Gadgets, trends from coolest and weirdest lists that are going to be the hot picks for every 2010 geeks.

Equaliser Music HatEye ClockVeho Mimi Wireless Speaker

Custom Made Hearing ProtectorsKNEX Loopin Lightning CoasterSega Indoor Fireworks Projector
Xtensor Gamer Hand ExerciserGunnar Computer GlassesBliptronic 5000 LED Synthesizer
Pac-man Hothead PotholderBaby’s First MP3 Player The Worlds Longest Zoom Binoculars
The Portable Handheld ScannerThe Universal Video Converter The Video Screen Microscope

The Acoustic Travel GuitarMicrosoft Xbox 360 Arcade Apple iPod touch 64GB 3rd Generation
Cell Phone Signal Extender for AutomobilesSuper Multi NAS with Blu-ray Disc RewriterNokia N900 WCDMA SmartPhone
Sony PSP 3000 System with Assassi’s Creed BloodlinesViewSonic HD Portable MovieBookCurtis iP9012 iMode 7″ Ipod Player