1:16 Scale Licensed Mercedes Electric RC Car – The Best Remote Control Car for Kids and for Car Collectible Aficionados

Kids Remote Control Cars nowadays are becoming so fast and skillfully crafted that even real life car aficionados can’t resist of owning one. Just like this one of the best Licensed Mercedes where all functions of a real car are built inside this RC car to make driving even more interesting.

This 1:16 Scale Licensed Mercedes Electric RC Car is equipped with all the necessary lights from its head down to its toe so even that left and right turning gives you the proper light you need.

1:16 Scale Licensed Mercedes Electric RC CarYou need turbo speed? No problem because this Licensed Mercedes RC Car also features a unique remote control with turbo speed function so you can blast to way around without any problem, you can even control this Electric RC Car up to 100feet using its nicely designed pistol grip transmitter. Awesome!

Other specs include charging time of up to 4 hours and running capability of 20mins. Plus it all comes with the necessary tools like a 6v battery pack and an AC adapter charger so you can run this car right away. Go grab one now and feel the rush.

-$39.95 at hobbytron