10 Minutes Ice Maker – The Quick And Easy Way To Make Ice Cubes

Packed with 2 liter water tank, this portable 10 minutes ice maker is obviously what you need in order to have a compete party set whether at home or anywhere you want plus with its capability of producing 3 different cube sizes and an easy to use function, now you’ll never have to worry again of running out of ice especially on those important occasions.

10 Minutes Ice Maker

So how do you produce a 10 minutes ice cube? Well, simply load the tank with water, switch it on and enjoy your favorite drinks filled with ice cubes. Bottoms Up!

The 10 Minutes Ice Maker features 2.0 Liters of water storage, 3 ice cube size options, ice making capability of 12-15kg/24h and with a voltage frequency of 220v/240v 50Hz and is available in silver with delivery time up to 3 days.

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