The Virtual Keyboard – The Instant Keyboard for iPad, iPhone and Android Phones

You want instant keyboard for your iPad anytime anywhere? Check this Virtual Keyboard, a Bluetooth powered keyboard device that uniquely projects a wide keyboard keys on any flat surfaces using laser technology.

This virtual keyboard is capable of recognizing keystrokes in 3 Dimensional form plus it even comes with a unique optical sensor that perfectly detects finger positioning while its unnoticeable infrared horizontal plane is capable of detecting the real contact with the keyboard keys without any problem.

The Virtual Keyboard

The Virtual Keyboard is also perfect for iPhone users or any Android phone owners who wants to type with ease and because this virtual keyboard is also talented at typing letters at speed of up to 400cpm. creating and sending messages using your smart phone devices together with this virtual keyboard is now easy and light.

This keyboard can provide 2 ½ hrs. of operation and charges via its included USB or direct connection via your PC.

-$199.95 at hammacher

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  1. Amit Lad May 30, 2012
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