The Self Balancing Electric Unicycle – a modern urban and suburban commuting device

The Self Balancing Electric Unicycle [PRODUCT PAGE] is a modern commuting device that changes the way city and suburban travelers leisurely drive around, thanks to its uniquely designed gyroscopic sensor, riders just need to stand on both feet at the unicycle’s feet pad and let the sensor do the rest.


This unique electric unicycle has a nice gripping handle while its 500watt electric motor can propel a 160lb rider at 13mph for one straight hour using only 3 hours of charging its built in lithium battery. This electric unicycle also comes with a durable ABS case, 16 inches wheel diameter and AC adapter.

The Self Balancing Electric Unicycle

So how do you ride with this kind of thing? Well, just lean forward for some secure acceleration or do some backward leaning to slow down or top the unicycle.


The Self Balancing Electric Unicycle 2

The Self Balancing Electric Unicycle supports riders up to 250lbs, weighs 57lbs and measures 25x12x23 inches in length, width and height. Go ahead start the engine now and enjoy suburban recreation at its finest.

Read the rest of the features [HERE] or check the [PRODUCT PAGE] for price comparison and customer review.


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