The Mind Relaxer – The Stress Buster Gadget

The Mind Relaxer is a unique mind relaxation gadget that helps you improve concentration to achieve a deep state of meditation so that you can get rid of those worries and tensions caused by too much work and problems.

The Mind Relaxer

The Mind Relaxer

This Mind Relaxer device features a biorhythmic sound and light patterns to eliminate outside interruption allowing the user to improve its attention and focus so it can recover quickly. This Mind Relaxation device has a control unit that houses 18 different sounds and light programs and comes with glasses and earbuds soundscapes so you can easily set and match up to four 1-30 Hz frequencies to help you achieve the right level of relaxation. The Relaxer also comes with a carrying case and 4 pieces of triple A batteries.

– $349.95 at hammacher

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