The Infrared Therapy Pillow [SOURCE] is designed to help the owner lessen muscle stiffness in the neck simply by harnessing the power of infrared energy.

Thanks to the pillow’s built-in thermo-reactive material located strategically at the pillow’s pad designed to convert body heat into therapeutic infrared light so it can reabsorbed properly back into the skin.

The Infrared Therapy Pillow

The Infrared Therapy Pillow

The pillow’s infrared energy then penetrates deep into the muscles, enough to promote a perfect circulation and of course, counteract any chronic aches and inflammation so you don’t have to worry about how you to get a good night rest.

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The Infrared Therapy Pillow 1

The Infrared Therapy Pillow is also designed to make sure you feel comfortable and in proper posture specially if you are stomach, back or side sleeper simply by getting rid of any pressure points because the pillow only provides plush and comfortable cushion every time and best of all, it is filled with hypoallergenic polyester for that more comfortable more relaxing good night sleep every time.

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