The Cell Phone To Home Phone Redirector – Redirects Cell Phone Calls To Land Line Phone Easily

Now you can forward incoming mobile phone calls to your land line telephone easily with The Cell Phone To Home Phone Redirector. Ideal for home based businesses who favor the use of a home land line telephone for clarity and comfort ability, so instead of answering calls made to your cell phone, now you can redirect those calls to your home handset for easiness of use.

The Cell Phone To Home Phone RedirectorThe Cell Phone To Home Phone Redirector is capable of pairing up to 2 cell phones plus the device also allows outgoing calls placed right from your handset and through a paired mobile phone and best of all, this phone redirector also works on both wireless and corded telephones including those multi handset systems.

How does it work? Well, simply plug the redirector to your existing land line phone, pair it with your desired mobile phone via its Bluetooth connectivity and start placing and receiving calls on your land line phone. Easy right? Go and try it!

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