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ASUS B1M 1280×800 WXGA 700 ANSI Lumens LED Portable DLP Projector – Now you can enjoy up to 51 inch of crisp images at a short distance from its display screen

If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!Looking for a portable LED projector that can deliver 51-inch crisp images at a short distance from its screen?
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The Flying Fire Breathing Dragon – A remote controlled dragon that can fly at 70mph and blasts flame while on the ground

Looking for a remote control dragon that can soar up high all the way thru the air at 70mph and at the same time blasts a fiery flame while on the ground? Check the

The Best Wand Scanner – A handheld document scanner with LCD screen that provides the clearest and most vibrant scans

Looking for a document scanner that can provide the clearest and most bubbly scans? Use the Best Wand Scanner [SOURCE], a high quality document scanner capable of producing up to 1050dpi of clear and

The Transcendent Keyboard – Now you can customize the display of each key to anything you want

Tired looking at your keyboard keys? How about customizing the key’s look such as displaying an image on it instead of the ordinary letters and numbers? Now you can with the Transcendent Keyboard [VIDEO],

The Photochromic Floating Sunglasses – Provides advance visual clarity perfect for your next water activities this summer

Planning for some water activities this summer? Whether you’re into water skiing or sailing, the Photochromic Floating Sunglasses [VIDEO] will be your perfect partner in providing your eyes with some advance visual clarity of

The Portable Smartphone Photo Printer – Prints rich and vibrant photographs in less than a minute

You want to print photos from your smartphone wirelessly and quickly? Use the Portable Smartphone Photo Printer [VIDEO], a small yet powerful wireless printer capable of producing rich and colorful photographs in just a

The Autonomous Robotic Gutter Cleaner – Now you can get rid of your gutter’s dirt automatically

Having problem cleaning gutter clogs? Now you can easily get rid of dirt and other debris from your gutter automatically with the Autonomous Robotic Gutter Cleaner [VIDEO], a small but terrible robot designed to

The Best Automatic Cat Litter Box – A self cleaning odorless cat litter box

Looking for an effective way to get rid of your cat’s nasty litter? How about providing them with the perfect urinal and waste box system where you can use it indoor? Give your cat

The Distance Calculating Binoculars – A durable and uniquely designed binocular with built-in range finder

Is your binocular can’t provide the exact distance between you and your target object? Use the Distance Calculating Binoculars [SOURCE], a durable binocular that comes with an integrated range finder so you can see

The Snorkeling Kickboard – A floating kickboard with hard plastic window for viewing underwater life

Planning for your next underwater adventure? Sure, how about viewing underwater life that doesn’t need swimmers submerging their face in the water? Now you can with the Snorkeling Kickboard [VIDEO], a uniquely designed floating