GoldKey Personal Security Key – Your Heavy-Duty, Waterproof and Fireproof Data Protection Gadget

Now you can defend your personal files stored into your internal or external hard drives with the same kind of protection the NSA uses for their top secret papers. How? Well, simply insert the GoldKey Personal Security Key into your PC, select the volume you want to encrypt or decrypt, unplug the GoldKey out and whallahh..

GoldKey Personal Security Key

The GoldKey Personal Security Key features a small USB key with 256bit AES hardware encryption that encrypts and decrypts files easily with an optional password plus it uses your own internal or removable media for encryption of unlimited encrypted file storage. The GoldKey Personal Security Key is also waterproof and fireproof and can protect your important data for a very long time because it’s heavy-duty.

– $129.99 at thinkgeek

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