Flybar Pogo Stick – Your High Performance Gravity Defying Sport Toy

Now you can feel the adrenaline rush of bouncing up to 4 feet in the air with the Flybar Pogo Stick. Flybar Pogo Stick is a great workout and addictive to anyone specially those who are just starting out with their Flybar adventures.


Flybar Pogo Stick features a one of a kind, patented and fully adjustable rubber spring system powered solely by leg strength and body weight. Its spring system can be tuned instantly to adapt to body weight, terrain and skill level. The Flybar Pogo Stick has an Ultra-fast and Single Pin Piston adjustment with a variance of 9” – 15” so that the user can change from novice to advanced settings. It has an advanced polyurethane shock and sound absorption system so you won’t wake your neighbors.

– £149.00 at boysstuff